Austin SD-WAN: Software Defined Networking

Understanding SD-Wan in Austin TX

Software Defined Networks give your Austin TX business the unique ability to prioritize certain traffic over another. It’s configuration adjustment is simpler than a traditional router switch. Instead of bringing in an MPLS network into a branch location, customers can bring in two or more diverse internet connections. Which provides significantly more bandwidth and is almost equivalent in cost to a traditional network.

In an SDN environment, the router is placed on the edge to provide the following features.

  • Proactive analysis of what is happening on that network
  • Load balancing
  • Bringing together the two or more Internet connections

SD-WAN Creates the ability to do a VPN for office internet connectivity. In other words, it connects the office branches to headquarters in Austin Texas, for example. Because it is internet based, traffic that is destined for the internet can hop off and the software will annex it and make intelligent routing decisions. You can create a quality of service policy on both sides giving you end to end performance control that you would expect.

Voice and video can be prioritized whether it is outgoing or incoming.

Software Defined Networking Providers