VX Suite Circuit Monitoring

Freedom Technology Partners provides FREE circuit monitoring on all circuits purchased thru us, with any carrier, if you have a static IP address. This allows us to view the performance of the circuit on all business internet connections.

VX Suite tests circuits in two ways, ping & traceroute. This allows us to gather several data metrics including:

  • PING – Pings are sent to the circuit to measure packet loss, latency and if a circuit is up or down.
  • TRACEROUTE – Traceroute tests are sent to the router to provide circuit performance metrics.

If there is a slow-down in your connection, you will have hop-by-hop performance data, and can truly avoid the carrier finger pointing game of who is at fault and identify where hang-ups might be in that connection.
We give you the power of knowing what is going on at all times with your internet connection and alert you via email if a circuit goes down all at no additional cost.
Dashboard and Circuit Summary Information can be delivered in real time report’s showing how and more importantly why your internet connection is are performing the way it is.

Sample Circuit Monitoring Report

VX Suite Circuit Monitoring
VX Suite Circuit Monitoring 2
VX Suite Circuit Monitoring 3
VX Suite Circuit Monitoring 4

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