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We represent more than 100 major telecom and technology providers and they are all competing for YOUR business.

Circuit Monitoring

FREE circuit monitoring on ANY circuit sold thru us with ANY carrier as long as you have a static IP address.

Bill Review

We will audit your existing bills and contracts and look for inefficiencies. We will review your 1st bill with you, if you switch carriers, to make sure you are being billed correctly.

About Us

Freedom Tech Partners was founded on the basis that there is a need for businesses to understand the complex issues of purchasing the correct technology for their unique business needs.

We Sell Communication Services for 100+ Providers, Including High Speed Internet and Hosted Phones and VOIP Phone Systems.

Just To Name A Few...

Freedom Technology Partners passion and commitment, is to become an extension of your staff and walk you thru the process of shopping, comparing, collaborating and ultimately deciding which technology and telecom bids solve for your specific needs.

We show you how to take back the control of the negotiation process by leveraging the competition to provide the best possible deal at the best possible price.

We have contracted with 100+ major technology and telecom companies to make sure YOU understand all the options thus allowing YOU to make better decisions.

We offer the game changing power of knowing what is going on at all times with your internet connection no matter where in Texas, but especially in Austin. We alert you 24/7 via email and your customer dashboard if a circuit goes down at no additional cost via our FREE circuit monitoring service. 

If there is a slow-down in your connection, you will have hop-by-hop performance data, and can truly avoid the carrier "finger pointing game" of who is at fault and identify where hang-ups might be.

We offer FREE bill reviews and audit your invoices proactively to check for accuracy and make sure what you are contracted for is still the most current market pricing.

We help you come up with technology roadmaps by reviewing your cloud strategies of how to and why migrating to the cloud may be for you.

We specialize in providing unbiased recommendations for:

• Business Internet Connections

• Cloud Migration Strategies

• Unified Communications

• SD-WAN/MPLS Services

• Colocation Offerings

• Disaster Recovery Options

• SIP Trunks/PRI/Voice Services

• Conference Calling 

• Mobility & Wireless Solutions and much more


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  • Highly competitive quotes from multiple hosted phone system providers.
  • 30 + Hosted Phone System Providers - including VOIP phone systems - to Shop & Compare
  • 75 + High Speed Internet Providers Nationwide To Shop & Compare
  • Backup Internet Options & Remote Office Connectivity
  • Fiber Network Maps for ALL Top-Tier Internet Carriers
  • Mobility & Fleet Management Options
  • Call Center Solutions & Contact Center Providers